"Olen juba aasta Stick-Gripse kasutanud ja pean nentima, et nad on ühed parimad treeningvarustuse elemente.
Kerge kasutada, annavad väga hea haarde, ei aja higistama ja peopesa kaitsev, pestav ja ei kortsu jne.
Üks kord proovid ja Sa armud nendesse, parim nii tavakasutajale kui ka professionaalile. Samuti on neid väga erinevaid värvilahendusi, mis teeb kasutamise atraktiivseks ja meeldivaks.
Nii et haara kinni, küsi ja osta ning kasuta, Sa ei kahetse!"
"Parim valik Sinule!"

Gerbel Mikk

We’re ready to satisfy our clients’ unique demands as well, Stick-Grips can be customised. We are producers, that’s the reason we can provide you with this standalone service on the market.
Your own colour combination and your logo differentiates, and makes your brand immediately recognizable.
Since Stick-Grips is always visible when used it attracts the attention of your main target group.
Practically the product sells itself.
Beyond selling it traditionally Stick-Grips could increase your income efficiently other ways as well.
Can for instance be subject of promotions, brand-building activities or loyalty programs.
Stick-Grips’ benefits can be advertised perfectly. In an activity you give it to your new customers as a gift the act will be appreciated by them for sure and will increase your customers’ loyalty-level, because:
They understand you take care of them, since Stick-Grips:
- protects palm skin from scratches, blisters, calluses.
- guarantees excellent grip on all equipment so thus the risk of injury is small.
- Its hygienic! Many don’t like to touch equipments after other guests.
- easy to wear and washable as well.
Likely your customized Stick-Grips appears by and by in other fitness centers as well….
…and it still advertises YOU!
Stick-Grips is an excellent tool to build your brand!
Grip clip:
No excuses:
Stick-Grips are not only high quality, but also an innovative product! Compared with conventional gloves, Stick-Grips:
- strong, secure and very stable, gives ’sticky grip’ on all equipment and surface;
- is much more hygienic, since larger surface of the hand’s skin is uncovered;
- the skin aspires better as result of the excellent ventilation;
- no sweating;   - no bad odours;
- easy to wear;  - not creasing!
Any Questions, Please contact:
Gerbel Mikk
+32 494 37 17 06
Long story short, Stick-Grips are one of the best training equipment I have ever seen. I love it and you should do. Ask, buy and use, no regrets!
Best choice ever! " - Gerbel Mikk-

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