Who finds a faithful friend, finds a treasure!
"Never shall I forget the days I spent with you.
Continue to be my friend, as you will always find me yours."                        
                                                         ~Ludwig van Beethoven

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2009 06 20_Ragnar and Katrin
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2009 10 03_Guy_Argo Ader_me_who is whos fan LOL
2009Oct With my loving husband and Teele and Robi
2009Sep Bill Richardson my great trainer and friend
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20091104-08_Birthday at Bill Gym_Erko_Bill_me_King
2010 07 18_Marleen
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Agnes from Estonia (2009)
Anges drowing
Dear Gerbie,

I hope that today you are happy and well. It's sunday today and i wanted to share with you this beautiful poem i came across.
Have a lovely day and best wishes for your training.

With warm and loving greetings,


May you always have an Angel by your side.
Watching out for you in all the things you do.
Reminding you to keep believing in brighter days.
Finding ways for your wishes and dreams to come true.
Giving you hope that is as certain as the sun.
Giving you the strength of serenity as your guide.
May you always have love and comfort and courage.

May you always have an Angel by your side.
Someone there to catch you if you fall,
Encouraging your dreams,
Inspiring your happiness,
Holding your hand and helping you through it all.
In all of our days, our lives are always changing.
Tears come along as well as smiles.

Along the roads you travel,
May the miles be a thousand times
more lovely than lonely.
May they give you gifts that never, ever end.
Someone wonderful to love
and a dear friend in whom you can confide.
May you have rainbows after every storm.
May you have hopes to keep you safe and warm.
And may you always have an Angel by your side.
Friends Are Like Angels.

Sent by Rhys from England
(Apr 2009)
2009 Oct Jan drowing
Charon from Belgium (2010)
Dear Gerbel

This is something that I wrote a long time back. I had no one particular in mind but a vague notion of  Beauty. But when I saw you today, I understood what had inspired me to write this piece. Don't take it in the wrong way. I am not trying to woo you or anything. At least not yet. Just telling you that you are very beautiful. I believe you get these kind of compliments a lot. I am afraid as a struggling write, I can only give you this simple gift.


"You are a dream
  Of splendid visions
  reminiscent of the Mystery
  Of yore, and the excitement of morrow.

  A dream of Beauty:
  Unvarnished with Mundane
  Desire, or corrupted by the
  Curse of unworthy Lust.

  A secret that was lost
  To ages, of what True
  Beauty was meant to inspire
  And Perfection Behold.

  You, my dream, are the only
  Possession of my poor soul.
  Your memory my only wealth
  And my lasting Succor.

  Life in your breath.
  Life in your touch.
  Peace in your words
  Peace in your arms"

Sent by Balian
(Aug 2010)
Hi Gerbel,

                   Its me Eric again and thanks for the great response to my letter last time and always a treasure hearing from you. Hope that everything's fine with you as it has for me and congrats to you for another great year for yourself in becoming a mommy at last. You are indeed a true sweetheart to the sport of women's bodybuilding today and the best is still yet to come from you in the future. We need more people like you in this world today and know that muscles are our beautiful friends and can't live without them.
                 Gerbel, You always be a hero to my heart no matter what you in the future. I wish you and your family Season's Greetings and a great and healthy 2012 as well. I look forward talking to you again in the new year and always remember God Loves you each and every day!

Dear Fans, you are always welcome to send some nice creations.
Send to that I could include it/ them to this gallery.
Poetry for my friend Gerbel

My strong angel, I hope you and your familly is good, your husband, Lexie and the cat!


Dear love of my dreams,
In my head and my heart you create a truce,
In my soul you bring calm and comfort,
Offering me the sweetest parts of your body.

Dear love of my heart,
Without love you would not so hard,
Thou thy charms more touches,
Tirelessly donations you make me your great affection.

Dear love so long awaited,
With Faith and Hope you have reappeared,
You make me relive great feelings,
As the sap essential to growth in spring.

Trust exists between us,
Complicity between us is this,
Us nothing arouses anger,
Us all is so simple,
Between us my love
Love is there ...

Now another poetry for you my alien kryptonian from Heaven!

If life is a nightmare;
Every moment spent with you is a dream ...
MY dream!
A moment of joy
And intense happiness.

Life would be so dark without my sunshine,
A ray of hope,
A wonderful ray of love.
After careful consideration,
I must admit that you are not a simple ray ...
But a shooting star charged with happiness and enthusiasm
The ardor to live of course!
You're also just MY SUN!
Because with you everything becomes ...

I am looking tirelessly adjectives
Which proves what I feel towards you,
I only found none
At the height of my feelings.
Even "I LOVE YOU", these words are very small ...
I wish it is strong enough,
Large enough, quite symbolic,
So that you never doubt!
I would invent for you,
I wish you could read in my eyes ...
Love, like emotions and feelings,
It is experienced but not written ...

My love is every moment increasing
As the days pass,
Again my heart is beyond me;
It exceeds all my thoughts
And beyond anything I ever imagined.

All these separate nights
But the morning found.
I dreamed so
To share with you forever
I want you by my side for life!

Sent by the mysterious French fan
(July 7, 2012)
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